History Book of the Danish Loudspeaker Industry

This is an attempt to write the history of the Danish loudspeaker transducer industry in a suitable web-book form.

Although SEAS is a Norwegian company, the close ties with the Danish industry means that SEAS is included in the history.

It is an ongoing project. Besides describing the companies, I have also decided to write biographies of certain people, primarily it is required that these people have been active in the industry for at least 30 years (which BTW excludes some prominent people). For biographies, people have been contacted and they have participated with input to describe their history and the history of the companies they work for. I deeply appreciate this and the book would not have been the same without these inputs (direct first-hand sources are always the best).

If you have input for this book, please contact me.

This text is copyright © (2009-) by Claus Futtrup. Copying material is prohibited. For more information about this, please see the lead-in to this book.

For completeness, the associated companies and people are described shortly in separate documents. For ease of reading, they are listed below. In the numbered (ordered) list are links to history already published, whereas the bullet points refer to companies/people where the story is currently incomplete and not published yet. As mentioned, this is a work-in-progress.

People are described in biographies if they have been working more than 30 years in the industry and have played a significant role. Other people are described shortly.

The story outlined here is my best effort at describing what has actually happened based on many sources (oral as well as in print). Unfortunately, after such a long time, many memories are a bit blurred and printed material may sometimes contradict each other.


  1. Dynaudio
  2. Scan-Speak
  3. SEAS


  1. Bjørn Børja
  2. Carl Christian Nørgaard Madsen
  3. Ejvind Skaaning
  4. Jan Erik Paus
  5. Knud Thorborg
  6. Ragnar Lian

Theoretically, you could also include Peter L. Jensen, Jensen Loudspeakers, in a history web-book about the transducer industry related to Denmark, but I decided not to do this because all Jensen loudspeakers were made in America. If you're interested in this particular (unrelated) subject, please see the documentation for the DPC software about who invented the electro-dynamic loudspeaker. This text describes in detail about Peter L. Jensen as the inventor.

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