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Loudspeaker History


Copyright © 2013 notice: Please respect that the full copyright of these history pages belongs to Claus Futtrup. Do not copy or in any other way use this text in another context. For example, do not copy content to a Wikipedia page.

Why so touchy about copyright? It is not only that I'd like to keep the information in one place because it is a work-in-progress, but also in respect for contributors to these pages (who must feel confident that the information is not misplaced or misquoted in any way).

I search for contributors, who can tell the stories in these pages from first-hand (or maybe second-hand) experience. Anybody who has a story to tell, please contact me, and feel confident that before anything is published, we agree on what is printed.

I accept if people write about history in other places with their own words based on information gathered here, provided they reference these pages as the source of information. Linking to this source is important because it is a work-in-progress.


There's a lot of history to be told, some are dramatic, and some are less flattering. I intend to describe this side of the history on these pages and include anecdotes, etc. This deviates a lot from what you would otherwise find available on the internet (a polished marketing story), but I hope the honest and true story will make for some interesting reading material.

It is just about our last chance to retrieve this information, partially because the history goes back a long way and many people who have experienced the history first-hand are now relatively old. For example Knud Thorborg (Peerless) is in his 80'ties, and also for example Ejvind Skaaning is in his 80'ties. Ragnar Lian died some years ago. This is my primary motivation to start the web-book project about the history of the Danish loudspeaker industry now and not wait for example another decade.

Since the history of the industry is a bit complicated, things are connected and intertwined with each other and it can become quite difficult to write a normal book about this (like a chronological presentation), I found a web-book to be suitable for structuring the information.

The structure of this web-book is planned to be a number of pages describing the history of each company + a number of biographies of certain people in the industry (primarily people who have worked in the industry for more than a generation / more than 30 years).

Please enjoy reading this web-book and I also hope you will enjoy seeing it evolve as more information is uncovered. OPEN BOOK

P.S. When I talk about loudspeakers - I mean transducers. If I had to include all the loudspeaker businesses in Denmark, including big companies like Bang & Olufsen and JAMO (and an overwhelming amount of small businesses) the history would seem endless. Maybe, some day, I will do this as well. No promises.