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Papers and scientific work published by Knud Thorborg

Diaphragm Area and Mass Nonlinearities of Cone Loudspeakers (1995).

An Improved Electrical Equivalent Circuit Model for Dynamic Moving Coil Transducers (2007).

Electrical Equivalent Circuit Model for Dynamic Moving-Coil Transducers Incorporating a Semi-Inductor (2008).

A Study of the Creep Effect in Loudspeaker Suspension (2008).

Frequency Dependence of Damping and Compliance in Loudspeaker Suspensions (2010).

Electrodynamic Transducer Model Incorporating Semi-Inductance and Means for Shorting AC Magnetization (2011).

Traditional and Advanced Models for the Dynamic Loudspeaker, Knud Thorborg, BNAM 2012.

Measurement of the Advanced Loudspeaker Parameters using Curve-Fitting Method, Knud Thorborg, BNAM 2012.

Frequency Dependence of the Loudspeaker Suspension (A Follow up) (2013).

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