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Welcome to my homepage. This page consists of a couple of different threads, which are part of my interest. If you would like to know more about me in person then you can visit my about_me info page.

My list of links

Blog Spot:

I've created a section on these web pages for stuff that didn't fit in other places and named it "Blog Spot".


I have decided to try to write something about the history of the Danish loudspeaker transducer industry. There's a lot of interesting storytelling to be told and many people seems to agree with me that it is close to a last-chance before losing these stories forever.

DPC software:

DPC stands for Driver Parameter Calculator. It is an interactive editor for loudspeaker driver parameters. You enter known parameters and DPC calculates other parameters for you. Also supported is measuring data, eg. calculating parameters using the Carrion-Isbert method for lossy closed boxes. 400 kb documentation.