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Picture of Opel Manta Cars have been my main interest basically since I was born and until I became approximately 20 years old and received my drivers license. Okay, so you would like to peek into my photo album. Here is what my car looked like, which I have had since April 1999 until August 2002. The car, an Opel Manta GT 1.8, was manufactured in 1984. It was running great, and it was paid for.

Picture of Mazda 323F Since then I have been driving a Mazda 323F 1997. See the green car. The green Mazda has been a nice car for over 10 years and is has driven a total of more than 400.000 km (I drove more than 350.000 km in that vehicle myself). What an incredible car.

Picture of Mazda 3 In September 2012 I bought a new car, and of course it had to also be a Mazda. I found a one-year old used car (a fleet car) with only 15.000 km on the tacho and fully equipped.

Picture of BMW 116d When I moved to Norway, I eventually had to buy a Norwegian car. I sold the two Mazdas in 2014 and instead bought this one. A 3 year old BMW 116d with 29000 km on the tacho. It was right before summer vacation and I drove about 5000 km during the first 5 weeks. It's approved, although the engine is not so powerful. Buying a car with a powerful engine in Norway is difficult because your options are limited. Due to tax laws it becomes expensive and most people buy the smaller models.